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  • [ – ] KingFredrickVI reply "Miss me now you gotta kiss me" Yeah I don't think I would want to kiss any of those guys either lol. They're not really my type.
  • [ – ] TehManBob reply I have missed watching your channel, I forgot your channel name when I deleted my YT channel. Now I can watch your videos here on vidme. I love Doom :)
    • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply Hey Bob! It has been a long time, dude. It's nice to see you again as well. You deleted your YT channel? Whoa! I have not done that, I got old videos on there still needing to get moved. And I love Doom as well. Even if it kills me - my character that is. xD
      • [ – ] TehManBob parent reply Yea I got sick of youtube, seemed to always be a grind and haters to boot. The bigger my channel got the more hate came toward me.
        • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply That's terrible, Bob. Well here this is a community for people to be free of those reigns of YT. We're not here to be big and popular, we're here to support fellow peeps and help one another grow. It's a good place to be! I have not gotten this feeling in a long time. YT was sucking the life from me.
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