NES Classic Edition Discontinued.The Rise of the SNES Classic -What can Nintendo do about scalpers?

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  • [ – ] HorrorsFreaksAndCreeps reply Nintendo doesn't care about scalpers, period. If they did, they would have taken measures a very long time ago to circumvent it. This isn't the first time that Nintendo purposely created artificial shortages and it won't be the last. Just let Nintendo know that their games run great on a smartphone or laptop because you couldn't buy it from them and they'll start to change their tune really fast.
    • DarkWolf80s parent reply Well technically they have some of their games right now on smartphones. But you're right Nintendo does not exactly care about scalpers. My point that I am trying to get across is that Nintendo aimed the NES classic to be for a specific niche. When someone says scalpers it means anyone and not that specific target audience that Nintendo had in mind in the first place. That is where hopefully with the SNES they needed to make things a bit harder to get hands on the SNES Mini if it ever does come out. However, based on my recent findings and rumor talks, it's not going to change and it will be much more worse than the NES classic mini edition. You're best bet if you aim to get the SNES MIni is to pre-order on spot.
  • Kentantino reply yup i was one was not able to get my hands on one.
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply I really wanted a classic but i was not about to pay the scalpers prices . I also think that's what ruined the hype well that and Nintendos lack of production . Very good video bro hope if the super NES mini comes out hopefully there production is higher this time and they sell it from nintendo site this time as well. Peace DGTLONE
    • DarkWolf80s parent reply Thank you for liking my video! As for the future SNES I have been doing a lot of digging after I have posted my video a week ago, it seems like it will definitely happen. Nintendo hasn't said a word but close tied people within the Nintendo network claims it is true. Now regards to production, do not hold your breath on that. Nintendo on so many counts have said things in either Nintendo Direct, their press release or when they send out one of their workers to be interviewed by the likes of IGN. Nintendo has a really bad habit in living up to their promise when they announce it to the public. The pattern for the SNES will be the EXACT same thing as the NES. So my recommendation is once pre-orders are up just pre-order it and don't wait it out. Because once they do get released it will be impossible to get it because this console will be much more worse to get than the NES.
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