BAD MOVIES Drop Dead Fred (1991)

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  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply tHE BEST PART OF THE MOVIE WAS THE END CREDITS
  • Benthejrporter reply We have very different movie tastes! I love Drop Dead Fred! Many young children report seeing things that adults can’t; like playing with imaginary friends. We invariably dismiss this as childish messing around, or grudgingly allow them their juvenile fantasy while we worryingly count each birthday to make sure they abandon such whims before they get older. There are men and women whose gift of seeing “imaginary friends” endures to their adulthood. Sometimes the cinema gets involved in their plight: Harvey is a movie very similar to DDF. The story centres around Elwood P Dowd, an amiable and eccentric middle-aged man, played by James Stewart. He lives with his upper-class sister, Vita, and her daughter in a big house and is a constant irritant and embarrassment to them because he has the most remarkable friend: an invisible six-foot tall white rabbit! This rabbit is called Harvey and follows him everywhere. Vita is furious at how Elwood has tarred their reputation and take him t...moreo a psychiatric hospital. What follows next is one of the most fascinating and poignant storylines that I’ve ever seen in cinema: The doctor admits and promises to “cure” Elwood by giving him an injection of a serum called “Formula 977”. However Vita realizes just in time that she doesn’t want Elwood made “normal” and loves him for the person that he really is, white rabbit and all, and bursts into the doctor’s room just in time to stop Elwood being given the injection.
  • Benthejrporter reply @TanyaMills Here is another good review of DDF:
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