diary vlog 'some thoughts & my experiences into magic' part 1

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  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Very educational , I love learning about religions BELIEFS, rituals , because and all religions and hal,ief s , practices . Whether its Catholicism , Buddism . I I have loved learning about these things .; In my mind if you can understand them ....maybe will have something to talk about and not argue...i KNOW THAT IS NAIVE , BUT ITS HOW I AM
    • bohemefit2 parent reply abrahamics (christianity/catholism/islam) are all brothers & have brought much discord to nature, femininity & our happiness & oneness with nature.. Something for you to explore ;) & Buddhism has influence from aryans (us) in its inception hence why you see so many Buddhas with blue eyes & the swarztika is so prevalent in asia including japan...
  • [ – ] 23reasons reply I'm initiated 1st degree in a Celtic Coven..Excellent thoughts and I have the same things..Our senses are heightened...love your ramblings! yes, I relate totally.
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply wow! Im so glad to connect to you, its pretty hard in australia to come across true covens here, they're all muti cultural pc & have been disconnected from our roots..
      • [ – ] 23reasons parent reply It is an HONOR! I will be following....;O) I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. a connection!
        • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply definitely, there's a young lad with a little family who is worth connecting to & he is aware of our struggle https://vid.me/Thornack he also does some good wood work but has struggled to place his things on the market where he is (surrounded by multi cultural cucks)
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