Youtube's #MoreThanARefugee Open Borders Propaganda

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  • Jack_Hand reply As always a great video, thank you. I made a video concerning the use of copywrong claims on commentators, I put you in as a tip of the hat, enjoy... sorry for dropping it here, i know that's bad etiquette and all.
  • Jack_Hand reply I have seen this kind of resistance to the discussion of truths which are routinely kept under hush with #OpPEDOCOP, in which I named and published news stories of 1200+ American Law Enforcement officials of all branches states and levels whom had been arrested for child sex crimes. This type of public display cost me the face book account of this name, which is to be expected. Three years ago I would have been very surprised by this move upon you by YouTube [google], but anymore I have lost faith in there being anything less than misdirection at the hands of Alphabet. If you google the exact name and case of any KNOWN pedocop, whom has already been arrest, you will still be presented with a hero parade of misdirection lauding fallen officers and the like. I couldn't be happier with their choice in mistakes this time around in choosing to censor you. This is going to be fun to watch unfold, popcorn is a poppin...
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