100 Follower Q&A!!!

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  • [ – ] C4TR_YT reply Thanks for answering my question :D, and I bet you will reach your goals for sure with the the mindset you have right now. Build your dream bro.
  • [ – ] Boomtoon43 reply I just finally got to watching this because vid.me was very far back in my mind until today, I was surprised to see me and partypotatoman in the video, I'm trying to work up to 50 but being in school and all, I don't get much time to think of ideas for good quality content.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply You will get to 200 in no time! :) but i like our mentality dude, just stick on making good content instead on focusing on reaching the next milestone. the followers and views will be the bi product of your good content. Keep it up
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