8th Ed lore/ New faction revealed ??? - Warhammer 40, 000 news and information

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  • Blood_Claw reply yea i have been wondering if there is going to be another civil war ever since they announced guilimans return. All the changes like the new lore and the new rules all look so promising. Really look forward to getting my hands on that new starter set.
  • Captain_Chaos reply Ignore my name, I still enjoy the loyalist, corpse worshiping faction as much as I enjoy snorting the warp dust off the six titted chest of a slaanesh daemonette.
  • Captain_Chaos reply Perhaps the newest space marines are going to be so powerful, they are comparable to a more mass produced custodes. Along with these new warriors, the current astartes could be enhanced as well. Guilliman could even be the newest, highest authority (If he doesn't start a civil war within the endoctrinated masses of the Imperium. I doubt people, especially the inquisition, would like Guilliman denouncing the emporer as a god.). Either way, this will be an enourmous change to 40k.
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