Manchester , City of Obedient Drones - Bee Symbolism

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  • [ – ] openyourmind reply Well Hoaxashian, this really is an informative video, which, if it's ok by you, I will share on Facebook in the hope of educating the "friends" that constitute the dumb masses. I had no idea the bees symbolises obedience. When I heard this "bee thing" on the radio news, I was scratching my head as to why the bee was being used. Now it all fits. Just goes to show what a fantastic educational platform this web site can be. On a separate note, a teacher friend of mine says all children are wanting to get tattooed at the earliest opportunity (is it 16 or 18 .Doesn't matter). They are clearly being influenced into mutilating their body by MSM. Personally, I find all tattoos are vile. Branding is what you do to cattle, not humans. Good work.
    • Hoaxashian parent reply tattoos are repulsive , they will always be repulsive and no amount of Daily Mail or BBC promotion will ever change that ,
  • strasbourg1986 reply have you noticed the chistendom v islam / clash of civilisations symbolism of the 2 manchester team`s shirts ?
  • YE_MAN reply good vid mate
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