Before You Quit YouTube For Vidme!

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  • QuazzVids reply It's refreshing to see a video that criticizes something on Vidme instead of praising it.
  • RubenLeija reply Very solid points. And I couldn't agree with your 3rd reason anymore
  • [ – ] Gaming_In_Progress reply @Micavity you missed the entire point of the video. Blind loyalty to any platform is bad. Because just like YouTube vidme has the potential to turn into something big and corporate. And then what will you do? Cry about how you shouldn't have been loyal to vidme? By the way, really good content can get big regardless of how small the channel.
    • [ – ] Micavity parent reply no, I got the point of the video, but I am creating for vidme because youtube and I do not get along. People can have differing opinions without "missing the point" lol. Vidme could become a corporate establishment too, but atleast I am here early enough to get a foot in. People that start YouTube now better be talented, or lucky. At this point, vidme can still hand pick content for the front page. When was the last time you were on YouTubes trending page? I have never been there, but it feels good when the vidme guys recognize your video and throw it up for everyone else isnt it? I support your message man, I am not trying to deny your facts, I agree blind loyalty is bad, I never plan on making content creation a job, so if it goes down, I wont be to sad about it. Hopefully it prospers though. My point, was here, if I have a strong enough message, vidme may see it and feature it. Thats all I am trying to say.
      • [ – ] Gaming_In_Progress parent reply The point of the video was that you may not like youtube or get along with it or whatever (you are far from the only one) but creating content solely for vidme is a stupid idea. Let me put it to you this way, lets say you continue as solely a vidme creator and you "get your foot in" then vidme suddenly goes under and all that hard work you put in is for nothing, because any following you had on vidme has nowhere to turn to. I understand WHY you are creating just for vidme, but it is still a stupid stupid thing to limit yourself to one platform. Because if you have a strong message and vidme features it and then tanks your message won't have mattered. Even if you dont plan on making content creation your job I suspect you like many others hope it will become your job, because its a great job many aspire to, especially if you get to do something you love and get paid to do. I want everyone to have the chance to succeed and making just vidme videos may hinder that. That's all I'm saying...more dude. Happy Holidays! :)
  • Micavity reply @Gaming_In_Progress but if vidme users do not put loyalty into the platform, how can we expect it to grow. Im just saying, im tired man. Youtube doesnt cater to the small guys. I just got done working on a project with a local studio. I got to use some really high tech equipment for a 3 part short series, cinematic style..and I am afraid to even put it up over there. I know they will not do anything to promote it because I am just a small time guy.
  • Gaming_In_Progress reply @Micavity The point of this video was not to have loyalty to any platform
  • Micavity reply Why i do not pledge loyalty to YouTube is simply for the fact of spending DAYS shooting and recording a cinematic adventure, and it getting 10 views.. solid YouTube, dont promote the smaller guys. YouTube is all about money, and not about the creativity. Cant support that.
  • Purin reply Personally I just wanted a platform to casually upload videos. I am not really pledging loyalty or anything. I just randomly deleted my 300 sub Youtube channel in hopes to start fresh. The only thing I regret is that I deleted it prior to using it as a tool to get me verified. Now I am stuck with the limits...
  • gamerblox reply Liked this video a lot, you made a lot of good points
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