Ali vs Joe Frazier III - The Thrilla In Manila - Trilogy Tribute - Mosley Boxing

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  • JamesRBrown reply The fall of Saigon and the Rise of Marcos. The rise of Don King with the fall of Ali. The desperate showman vs the man of redemption. As DrCut said, technician vs puncher. Ali went back to his old ways and Frazier exploited it. The metaphor. "You can never go back." Joe adapted. He worked. He matured. He waited. Ali went backwards. He went back arrogantly. He underestimated. He hurt Frazier, but it still cost him. Joe was a peaceful man ready for war. Ali was a man at war unable to find peace. This match and their lives kept this pattern going. Two legends at their best and a story that ended last year. Frazier was always at peace after this match. Ali was never at peace. He always wondered, "What if?"
  • [ – ] DrCut reply The technician against the puncher! This fight was amazing!
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