Hulk (2003) - Nostalgia Critic

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  • Epica reply Hulk was so boring when I was kid parents used the movie put me and my brothers to sleep. My parents perspective this is best movie ever made.;-)
  • [ – ] neo4812 reply i actually thought this movie was pretty good, not perfect but watchable
    • neo4812 parent reply if anything its atleast entertaining and for the most part has an interesting story, not every marvel movie has to talk about the infinity war that's what i liked about the early marvel movies each one had a unique story now all there about getting to the war and its getting kinda boring
  • GoMGTOW reply The problem with The Hulk is the defining struggle of a man who views the Hulk as a burden, something beyond human control capable of uncontrollable violence, The Hulk from Banners perspective is that of a curse, Banner doesn't view The Hulk as a super hero. And that's where a lot of the renditions of The Hulk fail, because the audience has difficulty relating to the struggle within Banner, and no scene exemplifies this more than the scene where Bruce is shaving, and The Hulk breaks thru the mirror and calls Bruce a "Puny Human"... Which exemplifies The Hulks distaste for humans and their weaknesses. The Hulk, is an anti-hero, and far from a traditional superhero, more of a Frankenstein than human.
  • Hewy_Toonmore reply Dude, I LOVED the 2008 movie!!
  • AutobotJediIronmanYT reply You actually reviewed a Marvel Movie? XD Finally! Could you do the Toby Mcguire Spiderman movie (2002)?
  • Not_Drunk_ reply when you like channel awesome so much you watch the video on the website, on yt and here :D
  • TommyDiazMillan reply Good review. So in the next 2 weeks, do The Pink Panther.
  • WoWzerGamer reply Wonderful as always Critic!
  • CrazySeanDX reply Fun fact: The video game based of this film is actually a sort of sequel. Want the full story? Play the tie-in game. Otherwise, fuck off.
  • 2Nikos reply I think that Hulk did fight 3 mutated dogs in the comics but they were green and they use to be army dogs
  • Qubvo reply This was an absolute and utter disappointment of a movie. Great review, NC! XD
  • JustLife reply This was great love you Nostalgia Critic <3
  • PunisherFan119 reply The Incredible Hulk was a lot better
  • HeyAYEron reply LoL the editing of this movie is as bad.
  • ryanpollard reply THE HULK!!!!!!
  • TheMediaTable reply I have to say that I loved the look and movement of the first Hulk.
  • TheMediaTable reply I actually kind of liked the first hulk.
  • POVincent reply I remember seeing this back in high school and thinking two things: 1) Damn that was boring. A HULK movie, was boring. 2) This is trying waaaaayy to hard to be psychologically deep.
  • 677 reply Another amazing video :)
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