Car Plows Into Anti-Racist Protests, Killing One

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  • [ – ] NewsHawkNetwork reply The violence was caused by the usual far-left suspects antifa, blm, BAMN toward a peaceful protest against legitimate wrongs. You don't have to like or agree but you don't have the right to violently attack this group because you disagree. They left are the fascists
    • drewwest_press parent reply This video wasn't about the clashes earlier in the day. This video was about a deliberate attack against people exercising their first amendment rights. This person murdered someone today.
  • [ – ] DeanMil reply Hey, I'm new to vidme so still tryin to figure shit out. The problem is that the new left suppresses the political rights voice. The left has now fully adopted and embraced neo marxism as taught in our education system. The right is losing its right to be heard (thanx to google and antifa) and also even its history. Little by little, neo marxism is pushing us to its original goal of violence, insurrection, civil war and of coarse violent revolution.
  • [ – ] tenpointtwolong reply I don't like to speculate, but it's probably alt right!! Wrong again! You race baiting punk.
  • tenpointtwolong reply Funny how the anti-trump haters are in fact now killing each other with their hate!! Yes, it is a domestic terrorist!! Look at his Facebook page.
  • [ – ] tenpointtwolong reply It's funny, backlash?? He is an anti-trump, hater.. he IS a leftist.
  • tenpointtwolong reply He is an anti-trump hater
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