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  • [ – ] esperan2k reply One thing I might recommend looking into more is the Brotherhood of the Serpent as well as the original leader Enki (as in the Sumerian God). To my understanding the BoS are the "good guys" who sought to free humanity from bondage and ignorance (the tree of knowledge) and saved humanity from the flood. I don't know if they exist anymore or if they even ever did, but based on what I've read, the Biblical serpent gets a bad rap because of this - wanting to save humanity and bring them up to the level of the gods, rather than let them wallow in servitude and ignorance. This also ties in with the Gnostic understanding of the OT God as being different than the God that was the father of Jesus, as that God was the one who attempted to keep humans enslaved to their material shells while Jesus came to free their spiritual selves beyond the material realm. Food for thought, I'm liking your shows so far, might chip in a few bucks here too soon. You've actually inspired me to maybe make my ...moreown sort of channel (probably more straight historical tidbits, biographies, and profiles).
    • CreepyLittleBook parent reply Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoy the content, and I totally encourage everyone with the desire to do so to get out there and create content of their own. I'm still shocked that people actually listen to me rattle on about these fringe topics, but it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I've met so many great people and encountered so many new ideas. Even your comment about the BoS reminded me of a topic that slipped my mind that I wanted to look into, Pinder the lizard king, the rabbit hole never ends. Thanks again.
  • colinlbrad reply If that's why we have all this evil then I feel pretty good about my fellow humans. Let's get a little love going
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