Operation Sanctuary: Newcastle child sex network convicted

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  • freerangehobo reply There seems to be no end to this plague. It's like hunting down roaches; when you think you have them all, a dozen more come out of the woodwork. It truly is an epidemic, yet the media says: "look people! Over here! Russia, Russia, Russia! The national sickness begins at the top.
  • I3UTM reply From Rotherham to New Castle, these areas are now the sex trafficking capitals of Western Europe. Thanks for reporting this!
  • sowhat_vid_me reply These child-rapists are the usual suspects, once again. That drives me so mad. If anybody would do things like that to my nieces, he would be toast. That is for sure. If they bring him to a German court of law, he would be set free again anyways.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply We say GHS, God Help Us! It's a new & old (Catholic Priest, Muslims the to them, it's old), phenomeninon but it can be rooted out "Shamed" out. In America a lot of pedophiles end up dead in jail! Jail is not a good place for child abusers like pedophiles!
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