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  • phantom_films reply Todays requests comefrom @theoldsparrow @AmandaFood @KayToons and @DoobelS
  • KayToons reply I was very amused. If you would have downed 199 more you'd still be spitting fire in Hell
  • KinTailFox reply Congratulations on making it to 200 friend! The hot sauce also killed me. Good job. You championed it
  • AmandaFood reply OHHH nooo I didn't know you dislike turkey hahaha HAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHA its everyday bro singing had me cracking up!! Why would I do that? What did you do Condor?
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Congratulations on 200 followers!!! You never cease to make me giggle!!!
  • KayToons reply "Are you a real doctor?"
  • theoldsparrow reply I'm lucky in that I've got a high tolerance to spice but still that must have not been fun. Was funny though. Are you a modern australopithecus? What's Condor's favorite ice cream?
  • DoobelS reply "Is this Hell on Earth?"
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