Don't Believe The N Korea Propaganda

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  • [ – ] offgridnation reply I feel you Dodge. Here's the thing...I just refuse to consent anymore. Me voting for the lessor of two evils is defacto consent and I can't do it anymore. The reality is that I'm not sure how different things would be if she was in office. We already know that they don't have the real power. They are just the puppets, right? So why do we think it really matters who is in the office if the real power calling the shots doesn't change? If enough people stopped showing up and stopped giving the system credibility, perhaps we would see their power disappear and the peoples real power rise.
    • 72dodge340 parent reply I'm almost to that point also. I think if I were 100% convinced that they were puppets, then of course I would be there too. It sure does seem like it sometimes, but it could just be all the corruption and stupidity of the system and all the other leaders causing it. I do believe that both parties are evil in their own ways, and of course are closer to each other than most realize, so to your point, choosing between them is a losong game ultimately. That said, IMO, voting Republican in most cases can slow things down a little. Sucks doesn't it! Hope you're feeling better. Glad to see you're back at it.
  • 72dodge340 reply I mostly agree with what you're saying. Trump was still the less horrible choice than Hillary. What are we do to when we keep being given two less than optimal choices? I have given up all hope of the US becoming a libertarian, small-government country. We're too far over the edge into Statism. Very discouraging.
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