Plato's Theory of Forms in 10 Minutes

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  • [ – ] SnowCoveredStag reply Thanks for posting stuff on VidMe, that's awesome.
  • gortews reply I appreciate you using other "forms" of video. Thank you. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!)
  • Brendan831 reply I'm generally a fan of Stefan's work, but frankly this video is not good. He's bouncing all over the place and presenting views of Plato and Aristotle that are of questionable accuracy, generally not in keeping current scholarship. Some of this is unavoidable when you try to reduce one of the most important thinkers in human history to a 10 minute sound byte.
  • marut reply Ditching YouTube. Glad to see these videos on vidme.
  • ArthurFrayn reply You're a smart guy and I love your channel, but you don't understand Plato. Don't feel bad, you're not alone in that.
  • Buckshee reply Thanks for these
  • harlotscurse reply Horseness is the whatness of allhorse.
  • Vaggal reply The thing about platos is that he doesn't see the problems in reality to make the perfect. Aristotle and marks point out these problems
  • tmosley reply Do Cynicism at some point!
  • epimetheus_1776 reply interesting....old theory relevant now
  • [ – ] Marko_Ivancicevic reply In a way, Aristotle is a precursor to the modern scientific method. He and Plato got it very right where they agreed and they agreed on the point that we can know the essence/nature of a thing, i.e. the thing in itself or "Ding an sich." as Kant would say. Now, the society begun to crumble when it took Kant seriously when he denied this. Acceptance of his denial of the thingness of a thing being knowable opened the door to relativism, and more recently we've moved even beyond it. Kant at least thought there is a definite thingness to every thing. Now, the zeitgeist is to deny its existence (e.g "gender is a social construct"). Thank you for this video :)
    • Natanahel parent reply We went from a flexible way of thinking (multiple ways to see the same thing), to everything becoming meaningless.
  • kiwi_fruit reply I enjoyed this
  • wolfalexzemla reply I like plato's cave better.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Molly ... your doctor needs to update your medication.
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