Okay, Vidme Community... We needs to talk

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  • Bobtoronto reply Well said. I came over from YouTube. I couldn't be happier here.
  • CiliRat reply well said sir! I am new to vide, just come over due to youtube policy but I am not complaining. I like it so far. Sure it need improving but nothing is perfect.
  • [ – ] Obadiah7 reply I'm new here also and I think they expect the same format as Youtube, but its not so either deal with it or move on. But I'm glad to be here and im ready to vidme..... 😎 ty
  • MysticSword reply You're right. Relax, try to focus on the positive, have fun with making content and interacting with the community here. Cheers! :)
  • iCrazyJelly reply Follow me please
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