What the Nintendo Switch Needs?

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  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Wow how did I miss this video?! Notifications [ON] OFF Great list of improvements!! And great audio quality/editing...!!! >:D love this, nice work
    • FreshTechTV parent reply uh oh are we having youtube issues on vidme lol I never saw this comment I always reply to anythign I see, (low key pissed) lol glad you like the video!
  • [ – ] pianoelectro reply Nintendo actually has something different/better? than this, up there sleeves. The Co. I work with was working on a particular device before the Retro "shelving" stunt. Apparently, provisional-patents can spur investigation from outside parties. Like the old Zen Tale, "We'll see."
  • Nightwulf29 reply Those are some good suggestions. I've had since day one as well and your ideas would be great. Left you a follow!
  • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV reply Still can't come up with the courage or need to buy one other than zelda. Great video!
  • TechnoTrend reply Ooh I like this tutorial, it's really clean
  • [ – ] SHONUFF79 reply An online service at least similar to Xbox live or PSN without all the 90s ish code.
  • [ – ] FreshTechTV reply RE-UPLOADED for some reason my last video would not process past 480p? weird vidme glitch. Enjoy this video at 1080p :-)
    • [ – ] LegendGary323 parent reply Did you use the URL from youtube feature? what I've noticed is if you dont let the video on youtube fully process until it has full hd and do the URL link upload to vidme it stays at whatever res the video was at during the processing. so for example your youtube video is still rendering and is currently only at 480p and you upload it to vidme using the URL way at that time it will upload to vidme at 480p also but will stay at that res.
  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply These would all be nice features. They have a great product but overlooked a few things. First I need one haha
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