Thought crimes are reall according to this professor

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  • American_Girl reply Professor? No no, propaganda tool!
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply Is it wrong of me to think that anyone who advocates for violence against others, should themselves be subjected to what they request. For if these evil people were themselves to be as open to the violence as they wish on others, then they might just think twice about what they call for. Maybe too far, but it's nice to dream, eh?
    • Modwain parent reply fear you may be right, they lack the empathy to realize what they inflict on others, i blame the educators and parents though, kids do not have empathy and this is something they need to develop into. But the participation society kinda prevents that kids grow up, so we now have one, nearly two entitled generations of kids running around between teh age of 30 and 15. they need a reminder that the world owes them nothing.
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