When the Mainstream Media’s Identity Politics Narrative Collapses

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  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply fuck the fucking mainstream media
  • DEagleson reply CNN: "Oh noes, we lost the feed." 😂
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply That cutting the feed BS is a practice which has been perfected over decades. I quit watching the TV in the 80's and have never missed it.
  • [ – ] playvidme reply Hilarious. It's fun watching them scramble and make their agendas blatantly obvious. Oh, and Kek bless the internet.
  • blazedu reply HAHAHAHA, cutting the feed is such a given, i just have to laugh.
  • Cyriu reply Gotta keep that narrative, we can't let those african-americans have any sense of individuality, they are unable to think by themselves so we have to keep them "safe" with our narrative.
  • [ – ] Dufoth reply Satellite feed? Why are they using satellite feed?
  • TheRemedy_No2 reply CNN must have the shittiest-- yet 'smartest'-- equipment in all of the media. Just in the past year or so (literally), I've seen CNN "lose their feed" AT LEAST 4 or 5 times-- and it's ALWAYS when their bullshit narrative is getting raped by the truth. For a multi-billion dollar, cable TV, deep state propaganda outlet, you'd think they'd be able to scrape up enough money in their office 'petty cash jar' to get rid of their "faulty" equipment... however, that "faulty" equipment is actually SMART AS FUCK. It just magically happens to know when it needs to shut itself down, apparently when it gets triggered by the audio that's being transmitted through it. For real though, this "losing the feed" tactic is so fucking pathetic and transparent, and SHOULD be so humiliating that they can't bring themselves to actually go through with it AGAIN... But, I guess they know their audience pretty well, because there's clearly NOTHING, regardless of how blatantly obvious it is, that can break those r...moreetards out of their leftist propaganda trance-- as they seem to just eat up whatever stupid-ass shit their corporate MASTERS throw at them, without question, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • acronverse reply I find it really sad how CNN thinks that people are THAT stupid to believe that type of connection cutting. How convenient that they have the test signal and card all ready and that there was no signal degradation, freezing or anything of the sort. Also, have the liberals EVER even heard of the goddamn Geneva Convention? Pretty sure that outlined, along with war crimes, that no person shall ever be held responsible for the sins of their forefathers/ancestors. Ie. No white person should ever be blamed for what happened 500 years ago, as such blame and guilting is ILLEGAL by international law. Dave, thanks for making the videos. Love watching them and I enjoy the critical thinking that I engage in afterwards. I've had many ideas that I've incorporated in my series (such as The Deplorables, a superhero group operating in Europe and North America). Hopefully I can get it funded too and start filming.
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply Like with everything that falls apart with the media, they will scramble to keep up appearances. Then the youth will grow up and most will unplug their heads from their holes. A small group will be crazy cat people or hoarders and we'll ignore them. What young people care about today will not be important 20 years in their future. Same cycle, different decade.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply I feel no guilt whatsoever for anything done by one group of people in the past to any other group. Why? Because I had nothing to do with it. That's why! However, I am thoroughly upset that Genghis Khan was unable to kill all non-Mongolian humans in 12th and 13th century Anatolia! Would that make me a racist. . !
  • nekollx reply what is this "tel-i-vision" you speak of?
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply You were smart actually
  • ChazDragoon reply And they're so obvious about it too...but the everyday sheep won't bat an eye and continue listening to the Wolf in Shepard's Garb... =/
  • richardscathouse reply Trumpies are so cute.. following their leader over a cliff. True cucks.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply I cut my cable years ago, I think my thunker thunks more thinks.
  • yorizzo reply Those damn 'tv gremlins' can be so inconvenient...
  • GoodTimeHolzy44 reply expand (possible spam) God it's so obviously propaganda. May they all lose their jobs and starve in the streets.
  • Ndoki reply "Obviously the majority of Donald Trump's supporters aren't African American..." No shit they aren't, they're a minority in the country. If anything you should have hoped they WOULD be the majority of Trump supporters, because then he would have lost the election. Moron.
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