MGTOW Is Not The Answer

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  • [ – ] jp9605 reply If anything MGTOW is similar if not identical to the original teachings of Christ. At least until the Vatican Jesuit Freemasons got on board and distorted them going all the way back to the Roman Emporer Constantine in the council of nicea. Christ was the king of MGTOWs. Let's examine some of his teachings: 1.) Walk away from society, take up your cross and follow in his footsteps 2.)Heal the sick and oppressed (like men under gynocentricism today.) 3.) Expose the pharisees and sadusees ( the politicians, bankers, academics, elites, and feminists of today.)who operate under ha satan's (Satan) kingdom. 4.) Perform works and miracles greater than him (Christ stated this is in the bible and the vast majority of christians in their hypocrisy deny this and as a result deny him as nothing more than a bunch of Peters.) I do not understand how such ignorance can energize some of these religious zealots and idealogues and consider you an "antichrist" angry. After all, you are simply telli...moreng people how to think for themselves. Not forcing them to believe like a cult. Stay angry angry. After all, Christ said: "Seek ye the truth and the truth shall set you free."
  • arkavi2 reply Mgtow for life ! . banned that ! Saludos angry buen video .
  • AItiger reply This another reason why men should go MGTOWN, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Marriage is a Joke an so are MEN the way they treat or value us as disposable utilities. No mortality
  • Verax reply Angry MGTOW needs to step it up. Men need to find ways to withdraw from the system and stop supporting it. Pay no taxes, do not contribute economically, spend your money, time and energy on yourself and your personal endeavors alone. We need to collapse this mess.
  • jresco91 reply When you have the chance look up on YouTube attack on titan- caleb hyles for shinzon wo sasageyo English cover I'm sure it will pump you up
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