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  • Fighting_Zenith reply That entire anime makes me more appreciative of Adam Phillips (@chluaid), Karri Esala (Catoblepas), Dean Packs (Apocalypse Cartoons), Roger van der Weide, Paul ter Voorde, Rodrigo Huerta (@El-Cid), Shawn McGlinn (@blordow), Ben Spurgin (Rest in Peace, Stick Slayer), Randy Solem (ditto), Douglas Sauncy (Azure St0ne), Sick Death Fiend, even self-righteous snobs such as Nathan Malone (Zekey Spacey Lizard), and Ryan Miller (rtil) have done on Newgrounds. Neo Yokio not only makes Eddsworld look like Tomorrow's Nobodies and Baron von Brunk, but makes Edd Gould want to come back from the dead just to punch Jaden Smith in the balls.
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