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  • [ – ] AtheistLearnsIslam reply I like Vidme more than YouTube because I have the same channel on YouTube where I critically read the Islamic texts and some of my videos are invisible in restricted mode even though I don't swear, I keep it respectful, I am not making fun of Islam or Muslims and I simply asking honest questions. So I feel there is a certain amount of censorship going on on YouTube. But here on Vidme my content isn't restricted and my videos get a lot more views so I really feel like I'm making a difference.
  • [ – ] Notagrouch reply So far what I've seen in vidme is good. The shortcomings are big, but given their timeline, I think they're doing fine so far. I have a whole list of usability improvements and technical issues that need to be looked at, but it's one of the best out there challenging the status quo. I'll be publishing something soon about what I think needs to be addressed.
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply One of the flow on effects I have seen is I believe my significant drop in views and comments is in fact directly attributable to the "vertical list" system vidme uses now. The vertical list which forces you to scroll down endlessly till you decide you've had enough and you miss out on the rest of the content you would othwerwise have watched.
  • AndreHeuer reply Im not long on but I can really understand your points, especially when you don’t make English videos but German. On the other hand there are so many small kids on YouTube and they aren’t on vidme, which I really like.
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