Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch or 3DS?

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  • [ – ] LookItsBlu reply I own both systems, but tbh my 3ds has been collecting as much dust as my vita (though that's because the only game shop in my area don't seel anything vita related, and I need a vita SD card) I feel like the switch would be better if local coop with friends/family/wife is something you'd really want
  • Snuggle reply Honestly, I'd just like a Nintendo console to play Pokémon. If there was a Pokémon game that was available for the Nintendo Switch, I would love to get one. I feel like a game might come out for the Switch, so I'm holding back on buying a 2DS/3DS. I hope. 😣
  • [ – ] EpicGamer reply Neither in my opinion
  • [ – ] Screenyt reply Last Time I Played With Nintendo Consoles Was When I Was 6 Which Is 10 Years Ago I Need To Get One SomeDay.
  • [ – ] MichaelJameson reply First comment! Gimme a shoutout :P
  • [ – ] skullytmcgra reply 3ds needs to die because the graphics is so old and most of 3ds games you got to buy to most of the cartage because the eshop. Plus virtual console is coming out in 2018 so its a waste of money to keep the 3ds alive. I'm not hating on the 3ds but the remastered of xenoblade the game was choppy and most of games you want have to buy through Amazon because most stores won't sell the games you want.
    • StuffWePlay parent reply I don't understand the sentiment. Is there not a Gamestop/Electronics Boutique where you live? I find 3DS and DS games to be plentiful
    • MichaelJameson parent reply Don't all Nintendo devices have horrible graphics? I mean, let's be honest here.
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