Featured Creator **ABANDONS** Vidme!!

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Aww thanks for caring dude!!! made my day :) Yea, NEXT week i am DONE! and i will upload a video asap ;P I know i haven't uploaded a video for so long, but i try my best to be active in the community through comments and other social media platforms, you will see me around. (PS. When you tag someone in the description, i don't get a notification, you have to @ someone in the comments) I am glad that i welcomed you and that you stayed here!
    • lambdog76 parent reply I didn't know the @ didn't ping people from the description, will keep that in mind. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment I guarantee the discipline you are exercising towards school will pay off.
  • SurfersSelfies reply im stil here bro :P
    • BrianAiya parent reply Thanks for @ me in the comments. I don't get notifications when someone @ me in the descriptions ( i hope that changes)
  • WellReadDaily reply I'm still trying to figure out this whole thing. I miss YT LOL
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