InfoWhores Exposed - Alex Jones is a Sensationalist BS Artist and Shill - 100% P4WND

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  • [ – ] TRUTHSETSUFREE reply It finally played. Great video, you are spot on. Man chose to be ruled by man and not by God. I have always said Trump is another puppet. I put my faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone research Eustace Mullins. Alex Jones accused Bill Cooper as a drunkard. Bill Cooper was murdered for speaking the truth. Alex Jones was promoted to take his place, he mimics the great Bill in so many ways. Alex Jones is the Pied Piper for fools.
    • swr02 parent reply kinda sorta seems like all the grassroots 'non-chosen' alt media ppl get marginalized, or worse, in favor of cutouts who belong to the tribe and send ppl off in the wrong direcions.
  • RealityChick reply I agree. I don't watch AJ regularly, but saw his meltdown about pedogate and decided something is wrong with him. Your clip with the fake Gergen interview on the street seems scripted.
  • [ – ] MoonFlower reply I just started to realize that Alex Jones knows too many 'high ups' to be legit. He's saying things, lately, that's giving him away. I'm waking up to the fact that the Illuminists are trying to play both sides of the game.
    • MoonFlower parent reply Another thing that gets me suspicious, is that his 'logo' is a 'black cube', which I learned is an occultic symbol. After I watched a video on YouTube about the occultic symbols, I began to wonder why his symbol was a spinning cube. That's one of the first things that alerted me.
  • Dertmcgert reply You decry sensationalism, then go on a stuttering tirade about how you almost threw your laptop because of :30 of a Young Turk's video...interesting
  • fosterscan reply Great show by infowar today,
  • TheScholarlySkeptic reply I don't like how if you leave the app while watching a video and then come back to it, it takes you back to the beginning of the video. Frustrating.
  • flyingrubber reply I'm trying to disillusion myself and I started watching Alex Jones, but something did seem to be a bit off about InfoWars. If it was such a threat to the elite, why is he allowed so much of a free pass? Still trying to break free from my programming and become a true free thinker. Thank you for this video. I now know for sure I still have some work to do when it comes to becoming a truther.
  • swr02 reply Any one of AJ's microphones is probably worth more than your car.
  • HAL2000 reply I told you dominoes pizza Owns plasma UK here add that please. When you do your next video
  • HAL2000 reply I think Alex is a molester
  • HAL2000 reply The bloke is a Fucking jackass fat cunt
  • HAL2000 reply Good your a Christian Titus. Atheism is a Zionist construct
  • HAL2000 reply Yes he's bought and payed for
  • fulltimegeek reply Nice seeing that you're uploading all your videos to Vid.Me. There are a few things that need to be improved on this platform but it's useful. You mentioned in the beginning of this video that the Truther community is rife with division and I would agree. But, I do like the fact that we can disagree from time to time and still bounce ideas off each other. Things I believe that you do not: 1. Ryan A. O'Neal did receive death threats from James Alefantis for bringing attention to the Pegasus Museum. 2. Flat Earth Things we do agree on: 1. Love God 2. Love others as we love ourselves.
  • ferrellcarr reply you are jealous and you are not informed
  • ferrellcarr reply videos will not solve america's problems
  • [ – ] TRUTHSETSUFREE reply I am.unable to watch this video, stops every few seconds.
  • TRUTHSETSUFREE reply The break in at Bohemian Grove was entirely staged. Years later Alex CIA Jones stated himself "i think they let me in", i'm paraphrading in quotes but it was words to that effect.
  • TRUTHSETSUFREE reply The Jesuits is another red herring to keep you off track. The Jesuits don't own the banks, the mass media and the multi-nationals. Look up Jacob Schiff and how he bought up the U.S. media at the tirn of the century. He was a Rothschild agent.
  • Ancestral-Reflections2 reply I believe AJ is controlled by the Jesuits. :(
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