5 Most Badass Video Game Villains

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  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Sephiroth first yeah!! Soon I'll be done rendering my video about why I know Final Fantasy remake will be on Nintendo Switch. Check it out on my channel Raf! You're being followed by Boo! Don't turn on the light...
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply This guy!
  • [ – ] RockTalk reply @GameRaf You should play it. It's surprisingly good.
  • [ – ] Harbinger50 reply haha, haven't played any of those games yet. Killzone dude actually looks badass. I'd say Saren from Mass Effect, Shang Tsung Mortal Kombat, maybe Raam Gears of War . . . drawing a blank. I'll have to check my games when I get home haha
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Hahaha yeah, Killzone is pretty good. I totally agree with Shang Tsung! He feeds on souls, turn into people and use their powers. That is a total badass right there.
      • [ – ] Harbinger50 parent reply Exactly, the soul stealing seals it. Saren was a bad as special agent, who betrays his duty, allies with ancient evil, and then becomes fused with Reaper tech while trying to lay the foundation for galaxy wide extinction more or less. Raam is just a badass looking character who sicks the bats on Phoenix like beast at the end of GOW1 haha. That fight owned me lol
        • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Lol yeah I remember Raam he was tough. I don't know too much about Saren cause I haven't played Mass Effect but he has the traits if a badass. He sounds pretty insane!!
          • [ – ] Harbinger50 parent reply Yeah, I might have to do a let's play on that game. haha. I still have a few achievements to unlock on it. I've hundreds of hours in that franchise. Haven't started the new one though. Bills and taxes to pay... blah :-(
  • [ – ] RockTalk reply King Bohan from Heavenly Sword must be one of my fav villains simply because he is such a douche
    • GamerRaf parent reply I have to check him out then, I haven't played the game. But when douche villains are always the best.
  • [ – ] RowRegen reply The joker as if you didn't have him there wouldn't be a awesome batman
  • GamerRaf reply Who is your favorite villain?
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