MonDI 8 | Weekly Short

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply I didn't know you posted other works on here I'm putting this in my fav tabs and I'm keeping up with this site as well. You think your video editing skills aren't good but coming from a novice you are great!!
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Yeah, I post some things here (especially MonDI stuff) so that way I can avoid the judgement of actual composers on sites like MuseScore ;) Maybe it's not the editing skills that need tuning, but rather the video quality...
      • Mozart_Forever parent reply I don't judge the works heavily because I'm not perfect, and I love to see the creativity of people. Hey who needs 4k I have a 4k t.v. which is beautiful but most computers are lower resolution. The quality is fine on my screen.
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