North Korea, China and Trump

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  • smoothcc reply I actually think China being involved is a good thing. With no super power even potentially backing north Korea, it gives even more credence to how crazy they are to be so ballsy with nuclear weapons. To be fair this development has been in the making for a awhile.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey Charlton, you make a good point about China. I see China as the main reason North Korea is the way it is right now. North Korea is more a province of China than it's own independent country despite what the media and government says. As I've mentioned before, the dominant elite control everything and they are the prime reason for there being war after war. War is a distraction that keep humanity enslaved. We are lied to in order to get the conflicts going and keep them going. The elite make huge profits through war and they get to keep humanity in fear. When you are in fear you are easily manipulated and managed. North Korea, Iran, Syria - all part of the script. Personally I feel that the dominant elite won't be around in the coming days and that will mean big changes for everything. I also believe they know this and want to go out with a bang (WW3 or somesuch) because they are basically insane. I also happen to believe they will not be allowed to accomplish such goals as there ar...moree unseen hands in the game. Anyway, I've rambled enough. Thanks for sharing your insights!
  • lazarhead reply Maybe Trump doesn't have a choice either way, but he is still a pussbag for going along with it.
  • CorckSnipe reply Really good video, you have a n interesting way of thinking about this. You only need video editing skills now ;)
  • dave_ddavel544 reply Hope I can clear some things up: at the very instant of the MOAB bombing, President Trump was eating cake with China's President, Xi JinPing. An arrangement was made: "Take care of our Taliban problem at our Mining operation, in Achin, Afghanistan....and I'll throw North Korea, Kim, to the curb." (China has a 30 yr mining contract with Afghanistan, and the Taliban keeps messing with it) This is what Trump meant about the 'trade agreement' with China. The Syria bombing? ...that was also a "show" for Kim, assisted and set up by Putin. Take a closer look at the Air Base bomb pics. "59 Tomahawk Missiles" barely made a scratch! Runways still intact, no plane wreckage, just a few dented hangers, lol! NO ONE got "gassed" .... those were old photos from years ago! See, World Leaders do NOT want Nuclear War, things are fine the way they are. The ONLY one who does, is crazy bastard, Kim Jong-un! So everyone is ganging up on him to make sure he doesn't do shit~! And if he DOES...he will be so ....more..fucked! So, to sum it all up: there won't be any WW3, just possibly a serious ass kicking on fat boy , KIM, and everyone's in on it! ....but shhhh...keep this a secret.
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