This Man Is Helping Me Get Back In Shape

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  • theoldsparrow reply Just follow the plan. I've been lifting every two days with a few day breaks for the past few months and I've seen noticeable gains from it. Just remember it's an everyday thing to think about the plan and to act on it. I don't want to say the word discipline because that shuts people down but I will say get excited for every time you work out. Every time is a level up. You just need to go for the level up.
  • Nicky_mo reply Hey man, I've lost over 100lbs and got back into shape, find a diet that will work for you, and commit for a while. I did a very intense crash diet that's not for everyone, and i learned a lot about healthy eating. It's the lifestyle change that will help in the long run. That guy is super nice to help you, I hope you can commit to helping yourself feel better and healthier. Good luck buddy, it's gonna be a long road ahead of you!
  • GoMGTOW reply Go for it! Nothing more important than one's health and mental wellbeing. :)
  • c_arnold03 reply I dislike the boredom that can come with exercising, but I like the results and the benefits I reap from it.
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Nice to meet you on Vidme WeirdestNews. I too am on a weight loss journey and lost 15lbs by walking last month. It seems like we've got different approaches to weight loss but I welcome you to stay in touch as a weight loss ally.
  • GaryTurbo reply Just make sure you watch your calorie intake and find a and find a calorie burning activity you like to do, it took me a year to lose 120 lbs
  • JamesRBrown reply Dude, it's always hard to open yourself up to the world. As far as weights and working out, we all need goals and motivation. My older brother and I use it as bonding time. The diet is the hardest, as well. Portions, items to eat and looking forward. Tattooed Jesus is a pretty cool dude, as well. And hopefully, he can help you get to the promised land. Now, get out there and kick ass.
  • dadsperiment reply Good luck on your new venture towards better health!!
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Nutrition and accountability is key😎👍
  • Salty_Dawg reply I remember being bigger and having my friend who has an eight pack and muscles on his muscles help me. It nearly killed me, but a year later, I'm loving ever minute of it. I'm in the cutting faze now then I'll build mass again. It's going to be hard as hell but bro, you got this! Straight up!
  • whako reply Keep the motivation Weird News keep it up man and glad to see you making a change to help your overall health.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply not hating but the rock is in better shape than you
  • WeirdestNews reply his Instagram:
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