Is This POPULAR Game Controlling Minds and Creating Slaves for Internment Camps?

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  • [ – ] taminoling reply Thanks for the PayPal link, donation might say Bastante Tournament...but that's me 😬 Thanks for doing what you do! God bless you for helping us get our America back! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    • HighImpactFlix parent reply Oh, my gosh!! I just got it. Thank you SO much. That's VERY humbling. Peace to you and yours, my friend...yes...let's pry what's left of American from the hands of the Murderous Banksters!
  • [ – ] taminoling reply Can you add PayPal as a payment method to help support? I love & appreciate what you're doing! Maybe PayPal's an enemy? I don't know...but I hate putting my credit card info everywhere. I wanna help, tho.
  • hank01111 reply I thought the preppers were insane when they said UN soldiers would be the enemy. Here we are, I was wrong.
  • dannythompson reply My Declaration of Independence I, this spiritual being who is contained in this physical being and of the ancestral given name of, Danny Kevin Thompson; do give notice to all other spiritual and physical beings, government institutions, corporations, companies, organisations, societies or authorities of any kind and description what so ever that i am a FREE spiritual and physical being and i am not under your control. I will not be told what to do, what to think, what to say and what to feel. I will only ever recognize, acknowledge, give consent or interact with any other spiritual and physical beings, governments institutions, corporations, company's, authority's or society's of any kind, if I deem it necessary for the survival, safety and well being of my spiritual and physical being, and in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment during this limited time i have hear on earth. keep up the good work
  • [ – ] MightyMediocreMan reply Why did I know this was going to be about Pokemon Go? Especially when I know nothing about it, except possible covert training for something?......Now to watch the video......
    • MightyMediocreMan parent reply I still don't own a cell phone, no rush when I see cell phone zombies everywhere I go. Pathetic, can't leave the internet at home? Try talking to people right in front of you, put the phone away. And I REALLY hate when talking to someone, part way through conversation, their phone rings, I put myself on PAUSE, yet a pause button I don't have installed on my body. I grew up in a world without cell phones, unimaginable to todays youth who forgot how to be people.
  • Ernst reply "If you like my video" is not really applicable, I think. These aren't exactly likeable video's, but they ARE necessary!
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