Film Den: Hellraiser Inferno, Part 2

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  • [ – ] StCerberusEngel reply I'm curious, have you seen SAW? I only ask because you brought it up in the torture porn category, and honestly, the first movie isn't really graphic at all. The series has a reputation that I don't feel is...completely deserved. At least not at first. The first one is primarily a suspense/mystery thriller that I highly recommend watching. Guaranteed to not be what its reputation might make you think.
    • [ – ] Cyborcat parent reply Yes, I've seen the first Saw. I was talking about the franchise in general and the fact that it didn't start until after this movie. I mentioned the first movie only to establish the timeline.
      • [ – ] StCerberusEngel parent reply Ah, I was just curious. The series as a whole does fit, but a lot of people don't realize what it started as. It's a shame, really. Btw, I hope some of my comments haven't come off as rude or anything lately. There have been a few I couldn't quite word right for my taste and it might sound like I'm coming off as judgemental or something. Or it might just be the way I'm re-reading them.
        • [ – ] Cyborcat parent reply Nah, your comments are fine. If I seemed kinda curt it's because I've had a lot of people point out that the Saw series didn't start out as torture porn in response to this video, and I've gotten a little tired of explaining what I meant =P But yah, I did really like the first movie. I've been kinda tempted to try watching at least the next sequel or so to see where the story goes, but I REALLY dislike torture porn so I always put it off.
          • StCerberusEngel parent reply Oh, my bad. I try not to be a reactionary, I was just honestly curious. Yeah, I'm not a fan of torture porn either. Snuff style flicks aren't my taste. I did like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd movies though. But after that it honestly just went downhill. Not to mention how convoluted it got. Christ.
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