Should Bad Singers be Dubbed?

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  • [ – ] Cellblock776 reply One of the problems for us, the viewers of these movies, is when we have never seen or been exposed to the often superior versions of the stage shows. I live far from Broadway and don't have the opportunity to see shows like Le Mis or Phantom sung by the stars. so when the movies come out and I see them I don't have anything to compare them to. I didn't understand just how bad the singing in the Phantom was compared to the version from the professional singers on Broadway. The movies are often all we ever get to see.
    • Dedredlink parent reply True, I think that if it is comparable to an original, not matching up in quality will fail to give the people that only watch the movie the full experience. Just because you haven't seen the old one doesn't mean you should be presented with a performance of less quality. That being said, if you enjoyed it, that all that matters, isn't it? ...
  • conner reply lol perfect use of Emperor Palpatine.
  • bwarr92 reply "O Brother Where art Thou" is one of my favorite movies and they knew when to dub and when not to dub. Clooney got dubbed on his songs but Tim Blake Nelson didn't need the budding because he could sing his parts well. There is a good balance in that film.
  • KrotoR reply "It's so cold, lifeless, and robotic..." Yeah that's Emma Watson for you.
  • Shabadadoo reply Oh boy, that's what Emma sounds like? The auto-tune is so cringey!
  • Pykmi reply Nearly shit my pants laughing. Hope you have a panic room in your house :D
  • DanQVeryMuch1 reply YES!!!... Dub them!
  • StolenMoment reply Soon you will be able to chose which version you want.
  • PimpMasterBroda reply Maybe I'm biased but I honestly didn't think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a bad singing voice at all. Would rather listen to him all day over Emma Watson.
  • vanners reply Interestingly, Russell Crowe is actually a singer. He isn't classically trained but he does sing in a band, and is a lot better than many lead singers in bands. Personally I believe he should have got some professional coaching like Madonna did before Evita.
  • artlover09 reply Can ask how you can she was auto tuned? I have a hard time telling the difference.
  • ArchaicRealms reply Pierce Brosnan is a great singer! (my opinion) but my wife did lol in the theater when he first sang. [we didn't know each other back then, i didn't get to see that happen. haha]
  • WebNoob reply AND I'M JAVERT.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply As a lifelong Les Miz fan, I was ticked that you used the 10th Anniversary Concert (the dream cast) against the recent movie version (shudders). Another great video! Thank you!!
  • PorkCow reply Cat's Don't Dance. I rest my case.
  • Thinker101 reply my ears!!!
  • Kornnugget reply Just dub it, I never even noticed the dubbing in Lion King. I figure the songs were just suppose to sound different from the dialog.
  • boozebgood reply Hey i liked lee marvin!! wtf???
  • CaptainDeci reply Well at least Doug Walker and act and sing. Or can he? I'm just waiting for someone to say "But Nostalgia Critic, what about your singing, shouldn't it be dubbed?" Personally I think Doug can pull it off, especially with "I fucking love Christmas" however I wouldn't be surprised if some people disagreed on it.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply If an actor has to be dubbed, the director and producer should be smart about it. One actor who can also sing that deserves a shout out: Scott McNeill.
  • Rawman reply I thought the rock was great in moana. I don't even mind when it's a poor singing performance personally. I think the dub for an animation is fine but for a live action just ride it out atleast it's genuine.
  • girlreadingbooks reply I'm so happy you are here on Vidme channelawesome :)
  • ElCidDos reply Dub them, dub them all!
  • JBFNY428 reply I will never watch the Beauty & The Beast remake. I blacklisted everything about Beauty & The Beast because quite honestly I associate with it with painful memories. I fell for an understudy of Christy Romano when she was in Beauty & The Beast. She got married and since then I decided I didn't want anything to do with "Beauty & The Beast" at all.
  • SexualYeti reply That tune up joke killed me, in a good way! ^^
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