TOP 5 TURDS of 2016 - The Rageaholic

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  • ElhazAlgiz reply Glad to be here,.. Feels all new and slime free \(for the moment)
  • snatch219 reply Speaking of games that were consistently delayed. Did you hear about Routine being delayed AGAIN!? We'll probably have the System Shock remake before it ever gets released. For fucks' sake, Routine was announced a year before No Man's Sky and we still no absolutely nothing about it's story, enemies, combat, level design, or anything else for that matter.
  • AlexTaka reply I did Nortice the sound is bether here theres my impresion or we are in a bether place now .
  • The_One1 reply Razor, are you a fan of Dennis Miller by any chance? Content, content and yet ever more fucking content! You always find new ways to rock bro... \m/ (o_0) \m/
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