Anime Truth #4j: Gintama has a Story until it doesn't have a Story

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  • [ – ] Natanahel reply Snob, Gintama is OBVIOUSLY a deconstruction of storytelling, so instead of having a story it DOESN'T have a story. It subverts your expectations. It makes sense because it doesn't makes sense.
  • [ – ] silverdragon reply Jojo has refrences to music and it doen't hurt the enjoyment of the show.
    • WickedAnimeTroll parent reply The music references don't affect the viewing experience. If you get the reference, you think "hey, that is cool" if you don't get it you can just ignore it without feeling that you missed something important. It also has no effect on the plot or characters. The characters just treat the names as names and the plot does not revolve around them. The references are not really used as pandering but more as "cool factor"
    • Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply JoJo has plot, cool characters, doesn't take 1234567890 episodes to get into, and the pacing isn't dead (except for Stardust Crusaders).
    • Natanahel parent reply Because those refrences are not the point of the show, if you don't get them you can enjoy the show regardless; but if you don't get a Gintama refrence, then the comedy -the point of the show- has no effect.
  • Gamerusher2000 reply It's true. Gintama is shit and have not nothing special.
  • aristeoelsabio reply Remenber this remenber that, is the hole joke on Gintama Comedy. Its a very overrated series that depends on jokes about japanese pop culture to work but it doesnt because his humor is very uncreative.
  • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll reply Hey snob, have you seen "The anime man's" new video ?
    • Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Youtube doesn't allow ads on some videos, and most people know it, so what's the point of his video? What next, he's going to dislike the laws or something? "We make more views than the traditional media". Comedy gold on that part, I'll give him that. Bottom line is: not giving money =! censorship.
    • [ – ] silverdragon parent reply Why the fuck do you watch anime man? And is chibi all over again. For the first time agree with youtube, because the anime man is freaking awful, but i don;t agree with this shitty youtube bullshit.
    • Tomislavr7 parent reply He really overreacted in that video (mostly by confusing not getting money with not having videos available), especially considering that he is in a better situation without YouTube advertisement revenue than pretty much all of the anime-related content creators. Overall, I guess he does need some money for his videos because he spends it on making them sometimes, unlike Chibi Reviews, but I doubt it's something that he'd immediately need to open a Patreon for or something. Cheers.
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