How YouTube Seeks to Eliminate The Larger Truther Channels - Vid.Me Will GROW!!

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  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Personally I don't give a flying fuck if youtube is dumping big channels it's non of my concerned and it doesn't surprise me, I no longer care for youtube anymore, right after they have shown Their true colours when they Treat the small content creators like garbage and the fact they lied about the unsubscribe glitch issue last year when it came to effect in spring 2012 which they knew about the unsubscribe glitch and they were that fucking lazy to sort out the issues will they were still promoting the big content creators and making worthless youtube rewind videos which all of them are a fucking Joke, I no longer trust YouTube since I left youtube at new years eve 2016 and I am permanently not coming back to that abomination of the corporate shit whole website, fuck youtube.
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply That really sucks. Spending years, and hard work making videos, to have it all destroyed over them not liking truther videos. I like Vidme a whole lot more. The community is awesome here. :)
  • bradraiche reply This is exactly why I am on ...and on and
  • chondram reply Was this video from 2015 and you just now got a strike? Same thing happened to SGTreport. He just got a strike from a 2015 video. Guess demonotizing didn't work, so now they are crawling back into the past a false flagging videos. YT will implode.
  • 2SicTygerSmith reply Sucks man. I only found out about because of you. Also i have been a fan of yours for a year now. Hell I even got my son to start watching your videos. He finds them eye opening.
  • Maplaptop reply and Minds, You do not need to have both as one will do.
  • [ – ] Green_Leaf_Society reply Wherever you go, I will follow. The fact that YouTube is violating to restrict the first amendment use of free speech, those corporate fucks deserve a boycott. It's fucked up to see hard working channels like HighImpactFlix to be threatened for something we as humans have the Rights to do. You know it's fuck twisted when we get told, "sorry, you can't do that!" But it's ok for Saudi Arabia to treat their woman like 3rd class citizens and yet still be in women human rights committee. What kind of bullshit is that.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Islam is a feminist religion. Women are so empowered in most islamic theocratic nations.... wtf are you talking about the hijaab is a symbol of womens power and liberation breh
  • pegsway960 reply YouTube has lost it flipping mind! It's about time for them to go down. Several channels I watch have been tube-a-sensored! Let all the talent use vidme. And we will watch the tube shrivel and die.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply Being following highimpactFlix on u-tube, they make good content vid's, in my opinion, for what's that's worth.
  • FreeMarkets reply Use AdBlock WHENEVER using YouTube. Boycott these Cultural Marxists in any possible way. Then support liberty-minded content creators directly through donations.
  • StefanJenkins reply Welcome to vidme bro. The News and Investigative journalism inst. Anything bad its live.
  • ajacan reply Glad I found you here. Following.
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