Professional Food Critics: McDonalds (FYI)

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  • CanDoKen reply In my humble opinion. Your video was quite distasteful. I came to this splendid site call expecting to watch quality content. All i received upon my arrival was a video of a man insulting yelp reviews. Why I never! I am a yelp reviewer myself and if I do say so myself I find Yelp to be the perfect medium for food connoisseur like myself to post the highest quality reviews on five star fine dining establishments such as McDonalds! You sir have made a mockery of that, and to that I say tsk tsk tsk. P.S. Try the Artisan Chicken, it's to die for.
  • Deplorable-one reply Weird i've never heard of a 30 minute limit at Mcdonalds.
  • StevenEvenShow reply As much as I fucking hate McDonalds, I watched this while starving and now I'm Even more hungry. Still, I'd rather starve to death then eat McDonalds, my man.
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