Game Binging?

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  • [ – ] e_jeck reply My gaming habits have changed somewhat. I enjoy multiplayer/co-op type games more today because I like playing with my friends and socializing with them while discussing life, politics, religion, etc. But in my earlier years as a gamer, I would binge on games beyond redemption. The original Legend of Zelda and Metroid on the NES for example. I played those games so much until I was dreaming about them nightly and thinking about them when I was on maneuvers out in the field. Later would come Tomb Raider, Total Annihilation, and the original Half Life, Final Fantasy VII, and more. I devoured those games in 9 and 10 hours sessions. Sometimes it was the engrossing story (read books this way too). Other times it was the world exploration. But always I enjoyed the escape from the day-to-day reality and entering those worlds with a child's abandon. It's not a 'problem'. It's a hobby that you and millions of others enjoy. Don't stop. Have fun doing what you like. I know I do. :-)
    • BlondeNerd parent reply Totally! I love gaming for the escape too. It's the only thing (besides a nice tall glass of whiskey HA) that relaxes me. Thanks for your comment! Loved reading it :D
  • spiderfan_MJ reply When I play games I try to play for awhile but usually I try to stop to avoid getting burnout.
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