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  • Jameo reply One of my favourite songs off of Superunknown. Such a great album and a massive shame Chris Cornell ended his life. RIP Chris Cornell
  • UltraShabby reply Never heard this song before. I'm going to go through the entire discography now. I hate that he's gone. Can't make sense of it.
  • UncleFishy reply Great song ...may his music live on
  • thecriticofmischief reply another one of the greats is gone and i wonder why but he will be missed as my favorite song was black hole sun!
  • GoMGTOW reply Nooo! Another one of the greats left us, Cobain, Staley, and now Cornell! Sad... I don't believe he would just say fuck it and kill himself, the dude was an icon, somethings not right.. RIP Chris.
  • Bornbalch reply sad,.. btw anyone here knows why i cant seem to make a album with music and play the all songs, ? it only play one song then som random from vidme,..
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