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  • ChefGirlEdie reply don't give up
  • [ – ] mosslack reply It's there Bill, just really faint. I found a contrast extension for my browser which darkens up the faint text.
    • umajunkcollector parent reply one cent per view? hmmm, 100/1$, 1000/10$, 10000/100$, 1000000/1k$, go viral of a mil/10k$. Look at some of the crap that goes viral. Some work hard and invest a lot to make YT vids. IF YT demonetizes them, they'll quit, no mo shango, no mo bandersentv, no mo Mr Carlson, etc etc, why bother. Even joernone has slowed down a lot, many are less than once a month now. Bill will care if they leave. Monetising matters to others' it's like supplementing their income. Bill complains about being poor, if he could get 10k views +, on a vid a week, that's play moola, or money to fix his PC. THINK POSITIVE!
  • [ – ] OLD64GOAT reply The vodeos load faster because they are in 240P when they start, you have to keep clicking on the better res. setting, a real PAIN.
    • umajunkcollector parent reply maybe more would join us here, and come here from YT too, if you didn't discourage them by POOPOOing VID ME so much with negative comments. You don't have to like it. But you make negative vids about it, thatt negate our efforts. THERE'S PLENTY TO RANT BOUT YOUTUBE, lots to bitch about google. You seem to criticise, find faults, but not much to say about the good. It's not so bad on VID ME, just as good as YT in many ways. Most of your problems are user errors on your part, thus misinformation because you fail to learn. You've been wrong because you don't know. No dragging people, inviting people. Give us a break, we're trying to help tubers who are getting screwed. Don't trample on our efforts Bill.
    • umajunkcollector parent reply If you cannot make moola monetising from YT, just means YT sucks for you. You wouldn't mind the extra cash from vids. What if buzz gets paid? Would you support his efforts as a friend? And you too would like the support of your viewers. I not only sub, thumbs up, comment on vids, I try to encourage the guys who make them, to make more, with provocutive questions and remarks, it works on you. You make VR's about me. Just remember that on YT, those stinking ads help pay those monetized to cover their costs. You're "poor", maybe it would matter to you if you got some $ for your efforts too.
  • MrOne2watch reply this looks allot cleaner than youtube. vidme seems to load faster too. want a better ad blocker? try ublock origin.
  • [ – ] skycarl reply Yeah I wish this place had darker text in here also. I find it really hard to read. Can't imagine why they wouldn't want it dark enough to read. btw, the reply button is right next to the persons name, and it is sooo light it is hard to read. But that's where it is.
    • umajunkcollector parent reply It's not so bad, um blinder than oldgoat, and um OK. This may be more user friendly on a tablet, um gonna try it on that soon. I plan to make a tablet vid to upload on here. You can enlarge on a tablet real easy. It's as good as YT to me. Plus no dam ads embedded in vids. Um more annoyed with YT tudes.
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