Nancy Pelosi Has a "Better Deal" - Reguritated and Fresh As She Calls Herself a "Master Legislator

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  • measl reply OK, this is my second video with these two, and I want to officially go ON record: I've got the hots for the one on the left!
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Democrats ultimate goal on healthcare is universally state-run doctors, hospitals and big pharma. They know everybody, sooner or later will be within the walls of a hospital, then a simple accusation of mental health issues can enable the state to declare you “sick” and lock you up indefinitely. Of course they will then raid your house (for safety) and take your guns. The “patient” then is treated to mind destroying drugs finally being harvested for organs. I want to see Nancy flip out. I want to see her crying screaming and drooling in despair. That will happen when we overturn Roe VS. Wade. The way to deal with that sanctimonious, smug, overconfident communist is to vote her out. Her opposition should be supported very strongly. The Republican running against her seat should be given priority when people send donations to the RNC. I have not given to the RNC because there are too many traitors in their ranks. So when I donated before the election, I sent money straight to Tr...moreump. Nancy’s opposition should get a boost from all who want to see her go down. Same for Mad Maxine. Same for Frankenfeinsteen. Same for Chucky (the killer doll) Schumer. Most of this scum will escape the noose. But they will not escape final Judgment before the Lord.
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