Here's Why I Get Frustrated - A Political Example

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  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply Europe is actually falling apart. They are suffering from self inflicted wounds, our policing the world for them only allows them fund their own demise. The whole purpose of forming the EU was to turn Europe into a super state/super power, too bad they never calculated the cost of manning an armed force that a super power needs. They must have been counting on their controlling the UN to avoid paying what it takes to fund a fighting force of the magnitude needed. Our fair share? We've been carrying the bulk of all costs. Present Trump has called in that marker & the EU doesn't have the military strength to flex, they can only sit quietly like chastised children. The cost of private insurance to offset the underpayment by government subsidized medical coverage is essentially an additional tax to pay for all the medical entitlements that are given. Those who have paid into social security and the medical coverage provided by the government their entire working lives need to purchase ad...moreditional medical coverage, while those who receive their coverage for free have no need to buy supplemental insurance.
    • Bitchspot parent reply It's not like the government hasn't stolen the social security fund dry, now they need young people paying in so they can pay out to the old people whose money is long gone. It's no wonder they're trying the same thing with health care because, so far at least, they've been able to get away with it. We really need to lock up every politician who has ever pilfered social security and throw away the key.
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