TPL Eddie Huang Asa Akira 5-19-2014

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  • ppdrum reply Asa Akira is not the sharpest tool in the box,been a prostitute, dominatrix , pornstar then writing about it is hardly rocket science.She literally fucked her way to the top. In the sex industry women are paid more for the same work, in all other jobs men out earn women because men tend to work longer hours more dangerous jobs or in more specialised positions , in medicine for example women tend to become family doctors which is more flexible , whereas men tend to specialise in surgery/ cardiology. I would ask Asa , Been a feminist and for equal rights what is she doing to help male performers earn higher wages / fees?
  • Roy_Thousand13 reply The one comment that got me was from Eddie about feminism " If you don't believe it than you probably have a dick". He was commenting about people who don't believe that women are equal to men. I can tell you for a fact that there is a lot of feminists out there who believe that women are actually superior to men and that women should have all the power. What is Eddie Huang's comment on those feminists?
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