Rob #Skiba False teacher &lies about the KJV Bible.

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  • pookito7 reply As of now I am reading the document you posted on drive. I understand that the Hebrews back in the days did not want to write the name of God. I also understand that YHVH had no consonant, but if Jehovah is the name that is closely related with the added consonants I don't see a problem with using his name instead of Lord.
  • [ – ] pookito7 reply Nice editing on video, but I need to learn why Skiba is a false teacher. He made a point that the KJV translate the name of God to Lord in the KJV, but I don't see that as lie. It is true.
    • KJV_Only parent reply The fact is is that the jews/Hebrews read the word ' YHVH' as Adonai, i.e. Lord. The Word ' YHVH' is translated that way because it is the unpronounceable name of God. May people ( Supposedly Christians ) try to pronounce it many silly ways, as is mainly the case with the ' Hebrew Roots Movement ', which Skiba is a pundit of as is David Carrico. Douglas Hamp, ( who Skiba obviously looks up to ) believes the same drivel as Skiba. Both Skiba and Hamp are ' Post Tribbers ' which is false teaching and a lie. ( see link below ) Hamp offered to have me o his show, I declined because I can't get to the USA, and also I knew it was going to be a ' set up '.
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