Joy Sparkle BS Bitch/Moan/Pity Fest #763 YouNow Stream 5/23/17

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  • [ – ] HappyMommy40 reply Whoever uploads these I love you! The almighty joysus has blocked me
  • [ – ] HappyMommy40 reply No insurance=donate to poor me
    • ErrorFairy parent reply She makes me sick now...She denies everytime I offered her a refferal link for patreon when she first began thinking she would just use that cause, why not help another out and we'd both benefit? But "no she wouldnt take anyones money" and this was before she even had many comments...then later she makes up this special spaces bs and now makes up one patreon account anyways....fuck her, I unsubscribed to queen bitch & moan. She sure can travel alot & afford expensive things for someone so utterly sick and broke. I'm so glad I never donated to anything she was associated with cause I almost did. SMFH.
  • [ – ] HappyMommy40 reply God good her cult members worship the ground she walks on its ridiculous
    • ErrorFairy parent reply They just want to use her for her following and to watch this train wreck. She's also gullible and talks about anything that's popular and now she's saying everyone will make videos calling her a racist, please girl you are not that hope. I just hope she doesn't get to keep that cody emma fund money, CAUSE the gofundme seems to still be active and has almost 10k donations. I really hope it just gets to the actual mother.
  • RogueNox reply She didnt qualify for medicaid because she has a 401k savings account with ALOT of money of it.
  • georgiarants reply It's honestly insane to watch her just lie so easily. I have really severe anxiety and my symptoms are identical to hers. I was bed ridden and felt like I had no energy, it was ALL PHYSICAL. But I've accepted that it's anxiety and she needs to too. She is not under the poverty line if she is reporting her youtube, younow, and Patreon income. There's another reason why she's been declined for Medicaid and I wouldn't be surprised if it's because the 40k in the bank is actually real. She's been talking about these same health issues for a long time before she got her IUD. She's 'cured' so much before yet she's still sooooo sick right. When you don't have energy and are in actual pain, you can't do what she does. I know because I've tried streaming and have wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while and was never able to even SIT and film a video. She needs to suck it up and get on anti depressants BC I did and I'm now working a full time manual labour job.
  • ErrorFairy reply "I'M DONE" you're fucking not. Lol she's attracting all kinds of drama like flies on that good old sparkly walking contradiction of bullshit.
  • ErrorFairy reply "THIS IS REALLY STUPID" yes it is. Good ol' trains wreckin!
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