Has streaming and Youtube hindered gaming?

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  • ShinyBigBoo reply I like the that streaming holds developers accountable; we don't need to buy a game to see if it's any good, or our type of experience, or if it has the technical problems that pop up in games nowadays. However as a gamer myself looking for commentaries on the industry as a whole (and publishing my own commentaries) I basically have to dig through hundreds of let's play videos. I almost wish vidme had a "lets play" category/tag... Hey that's actually a good idea !
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply yep it's a 2 edged sword.Which is why I stream MP games as well.(whenever i do stream) When I played Zelda BOTW I didn't wanna spoil it for the next gamer.Not that we can show Nintendo stiff in YT anyway, but yeah I can agree,mofos don't play the games they watch others play it.To me thats where demos should be implememted more to let gamers know what a game is about.
  • SHONUFF79 reply I watch streams and videos to see if I'd like to buy and play said game. If I do want to buy it, I watch very little of it so that I don't ruin it for myself. Good video and topic. GG
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