YouTube's New LUNATIC Propaganda Video Backfires - BIG TIME!

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  • SonicMcPatriotic reply Yes! That was well said. Great video. :)
  • JustABloke reply Great video, common sense and facts no longer means anything to these lunatics.
  • Tactical_Show reply I agree! I'm sick of them forcing this shit on me. Keep that shit to yourself & fuck YouTube!
  • vanners reply There was another definition of pride on that list: "2. ...excessively high opinion of oneself... arrogant..." Perhaps this is what they are referring to? As you say, they are prideful of something that isn't an achievement, doesn't require effort or ability, therefore any level of satisfaction because of it is excessive. Personally, I avoid using the word proud or pride as much as possible, however I will tell my children I am pleased with them when they achieve a notable step in their development or excel at something.
  • [ – ] HoLeeFuk reply It's in the agenda of population control so the more people kill them self the less they need to vaccinate or cure!
    • Platypus67 parent reply Sadly this is absolutely true; the more of these nonbinary sickos, gays and lesbians a society has - the less children are born...
  • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply This is what happens to a society when jews are allowed to infest it. Same pattern exists throughout history.
  • stevenj reply Keep up the good work. Great video!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply "Transphobic" for not wanting to have sex with a dude who simply dresses like a girl.... uhhhhhhhhh what would u even have sex with??? It's a dude.... with girls there's something... thessle people are lunatics. I don't hate trannys i could give a $#/7 less if u dress like a girl but im not a bigot because i don't like d1ck5
  • Endeavor-Truth reply Nope, I'd never date a trans. I don't accept their agenda or way of living. Doesn't mean that I dislike them.
  • MagotrapTheArchmage reply You can have this on vidme!
  • [ – ] basic_goku reply I hate gay culture, im okay with gays.
  • MosleyBoxing reply SMH! Good video!
  • [ – ] insaneonthemembrane reply We'll soon see how free we really are When the Internet crashes or heavy censorship to stop terrorism or Russia "interfering" bullshit as TPTB just keep getting caught Red Handed flat out time after time , yet still No convictions?
  • Brosquad12 reply Phobia is being overly used for the wrong term of purpose manly Islamphobia
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