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  • OLD64GOAT reply SORRY FOLKS but I do NOT see any REPLY button next to anyone's name.
  • MrOne2watch reply were all following you ! LOL
  • skycarl reply Alright Bill,,,, Yeah this may take some time to get use to.
  • [ – ] OLD64GOAT reply I noticed several of you left comments on this video. That is GREAT but I can't reply to any of them so I am THANKING all of you here on this posting.
    • MrOne2watch parent reply just click reply right next to your name in the comments, you can see all the replies. and follow the conversation on your own channel . that seems real nice....
  • SparkyEdie reply I used my yahoo account too
  • SparkyEdie reply Hi Bill Im Don's other half
  • umajunkcollector reply Hi Bill, YT has had its many issues that we did not like, and still does. has a vacuum that needs to be filled. We can fill that vacuum with kewl vids. YT has been over run with crap, amazing what kooks get huge vid counts. Plus all the copywrong crap. But I refuse to pay for YT on principal, and will boycott it for many reasons. So if um scarce over there, um like many who vanished before me. This seems simple enough. I also have vimeo as Don S and we have chefgirledie here too. Don
  • [ – ] mosslack reply Nice to see you made it Bill. I agree about the faint text. Hope I can find a place to make a suggestion about fixing that. :)
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