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  • astraleyes reply Very cool! And this is why we're moving off YouTube and moving here. Cheers!
  • WhiteDogofpyr reply Harmful was right. Remember kiddies the only real way to delete wrongthink is to delete wrongpeople.
  • thoughtcrime1984 reply "Nigger is a thinking man's waifu doll" hahahahahaha
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Awesome song my man. Combines the best in comedy and guitar play
  • either_or reply Nothing is black and white, there are different reasons for blocking. I'll block whomever I like, usually though it's libtards who have demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that they're uncapable/unwilling to engage in any form of rational discussion, and ofc the occasional mean spirited troll. And I have years and years of experience. To quote/parafrase Burroughs: They're terminal fuck-ups, I'm not paid to listen to their drivel.
  • Bulletkin reply Only criticism, you spelled "copyright" as "copywright". Otherwise, great song. Thanks for the late night enjoyment.
  • RobertTLongway reply Fucking Rock lol
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